How can pillow boxes help my business?

Pillow boxes are handy, versatile little packaging solutions! So named because of their distinctive pillow shape, these useful boxes are ideal for small items, like cosmetics, jewellery, confectionary, electronics and much more. We take a look at how the humble pillow box can help your business!

Pretty pillow box packaging

Printed pillow boxes are aesthetically pleasing, there’s no doubt about that! With their curved shape, they make for very attractive packaging, adding a touch of class and luxury to your brand. Pillow boxes will make an impact with the customer – it’s a much nicer touch than receiving your item wrapped in plastic or brown paper. And, with our bespoke design printing, you can create any design that you like for your pillow box, making it even prettier! Simply choose from our range of pillow boxes templates and get designing!

Ideal for small items

Packaging small items can be tricky – so what do you do? Wrap it in bubble wrap or brown paper? Or leave it in a much bigger box, risking damage and using surplus packaging? A pillow box is the ideal solution: it will hold your small items fast, keeping them safe and sound, whilst remaining visually appealing and offering you a space to include your logo, branding and company details. Use a template for pillow boxes to create any design you wish!

Food pillow box printing can be an excellent way to showcase the tasty treats inside, whereas creating a design for a jewellers can signal that you’re a luxury brand. Have your pillow box die cut so the folded flaps are an unusual shape and really catch eyes!

Great for exhibitions and giveaways

Available in a range of sizes, pillow boxes large and small are ideal for exhibition freebies, sampling and promotional giveaways. The packaging itself will be memorable with its unique shape, and you can create an eye-catching design to make it really ‘pop’! Should you wish to defer to the professionals, our inhouse design team can even create a design for you – to make sure your product really stands out!

Perfect for events

Ordering pillow boxes wholesale means that you can order bulk packs, designed with different artwork depending on the event. You could create a wedding range, for example, or a birthday range, acting as a classy, unusual gift bag!

An opportunity for branding

Whatever you’re using custom printed pillow boxes for, you can use this unique packaging as an opportunity to showcase your individual brand. Create your design with your logo, contact details, company website and company message to ensure your customers won’t forget you! You can include a QR code to your website, for future orders, or with our variable data printing, you can even add the individual names on your client list! The possibilities are endless!

Should you have any questions about custom printed pillow boxes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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