Pillow Box Finishing Options

Creating the perfect pillow box can be something of a challenge. There’s a lot of things to consider and choices to make. For example, what size should you go for? Do you want coloured card? Are you creating your own design or will you take advantage of our in-house design team? Once you’ve figured out your basic pillow box design, there’s one more feature to think about: finishing touches. For an extra special gift box, it’s always a good idea to add a few of our finishing options. But which ones? We are here to talk you through the pillow box finishing options…

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A guide to pillow box finishing options

Take a look at our finishing options – you can go for all, some, one or none at all!



Lamination is a fantastic way to add durability to your pillow boxes. If you’re looking for something reusable this is definitely the way to go. Lamination is a printing technique where a thin layer of plastic, or other material, is securely bonded to the top of your pillow box. This makes it much harder to tear or rip.

Lamination also adds various aesthetic appeal to your pillow boxes. Gloss lamination offers a glossy, shiny finish, and also helps your colours ‘pop’. Matt lamination has the opposite effect and renders your pillow box design subdued and elegant. Finally, soft touch lamination will provide a velvety feel to your pillow box, adding a sense of luxury and building customer anticipation for whatever is inside!



Foiling is a technique whereby coloured foil is applied to the surface of your pillow box under a large amount of pressure. It securely bonds to elements in your design. This is particularly useful if you’re keen to create a decadent and decorative effect – and especially pertinent for pillow boxes used as gift boxes.

Foiling can take place on graphics or text – but is best used to draw attention to an important element. Perhaps you’d like to draw eyes to your brand name, logo or slogan. Or perhaps it’s best to highlight the name of the recipient in beautiful, colour coordinated foiling.


Spot UV and Holograms

Spotu UV is much like foiling except it provides a silver, sheen, metallic finish. This is ideal for elegant luxury items and brands that are advertising themselves as forward-thinking or futuristic.

Holograms are used much like the hologramatic seals you find on event tickets. They add a sense of luxury and exclusivity, as well as validity. If you’re trying to create an exclusive brand, holographic foiling is the way to go! Not only will it create a lovely keepsake for the recipient, it will authenticate the gift.


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