Pillow Packs FAQs

Take a look at our Pillow Packs Frequently Asked Questions. For general artwork, payment queries and company information, please see our General FAQs section

What sizes of pillow packs are available?

We offer a huge range of sizes, from tiny (45mm x 50mm) all the way up to 200mm x 200mm. Check out our ‘Custom Pillow Pack Generator’ on our homepage for more details.

How are pillow boxes supplied?

Each pillow pack will be supplied flat with self-adhesive strips for easy assembly. If you’d prefer, we can provide an assembly service for a fee, but we find that supplying pillow packs flat allows for more items to be sent per box.

What materials do you use for pillow packs?

We have a wide range of materials available for your printed pillow packs including: silk, gloss, Kraft, uncoated and recycled. For full details, visit our Printing and Finishing Options page. 

What parts of the box sleeve can be printed?

The complete outer area can be printed. It is printed as a single sided sheet which is then folded to create your pillow box. 

Can I order pillow boxes without any print on them?

Yes, you can order your boxes without any print. We offer Plain Coloured Pillow Boxes too! 

Where can I see some examples of pillow packs you have printed before?

Pop over to our Gallery to see some of our previous orders! 

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