Make the most of your jewellery pillow boxes

Pillow boxes are incredibly versatile – that’s why they are so very popular! Not only do they make fantastic packaging for hotel toiletries, soaps or shower caps, they are also used for sweets, chocolate and small gifts. The most common usage however, is to store small items of jewellery, to offer the product some protection whilst also adding to the aesthetic appeal. Read on to find out how you can best customise your jewellery pillow boxes…

Dangling Jewellery

1. Create a top design

If the contents of the pillow box are luxurious, it stands to reason that the pillow box design should be luxurious too! The best way to demonstrate the sumptuousness of your brand is to create a fabulous jewellery pillow box design – let the packaging speak to the contents.

If you’re struggling to create a fantastic design for your jewellery pillow boxes – never fear! Here are some handy top tips for your inspiration:


– Less is more! If you’re trying to convey a sense of exclusivity, it’s best not to overcrowd your design. Be judicious and sparing with your design, and let your branding and logo speak for themselves.

– Add the soft-touch. Employing forms of lamination will create a more deluxe design, and nothing is more luxurious than the soft-touch lamination. This provides a velvety feel that is pleasant to the touch, adding to the feeling of the ornate and upscale.

– Make your packaging exclusive. There’s a reason why everyone knows the Tiffany or Victoria Secret bag… even their packaging is iconic and exclusive. Make your design hard to copy and envirable, and add a real sense of exclusivity by adding holographic foiling – your signature packaging will be impossible to fake!


Remember, we offer various in-house design packages, so if you prefer, we can create your design for you!


2. Consider convenience

A great customer experience isn’t just in the product and the packaging, it also comes from the convenience that you facilitate. By that means, here are a few tips on how you can make your pillow boxes extra convenient:


– Be eco-friendly. Make it clear that your jewellery pillow boxes can be recycled. Include some text or a recyclable logo, to ensure your customer knows that their packaging is eco-friendly. Our paper stocks are FSC approved, so you can rest assured are coming from sustainable sources.

– Include a returns postage label – in the case of an issue, you want to make it as simple as possible for your customer to return the product and receive a refund. This will make them much more likely to purchase from your company again in the future, even if that particular product didn’t quite hit the spot.

– Include a business card with contact details, social media links and website urls (via QR code printing), to facilitate customers finding you online.


3. Add a finishing touch

Consider wrapping your jewellery in fine tissue paper, secured with a custom printed label with your logo design.

Add a tiny bouquet of dried flowers, a sachet of perfume or a cheeky sweet treat – these little touches will enamour your customers.


4. Include care instructions

With jewellery it’s essential to customer satisfaction to include care instructions in your jewellery pillow boxes. Create a small leaflet on recyclable paper offering a variety of instructions including:


  • How to care for various metals
  • Whether the jewellery can be worn in water
  • Where to store jewellery correctly
  • How to clean the pieces
  • Qr codes linking to your website POS for cleaning materials / jewellery boxes
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