Pillow Boxes – What Material Should I Use?

When it comes to pillow boxes, there’s all sorts of benefits: elegant packaging, a blank space for advertising and a secure box to hold small items fast are just a few of the reasons that pillow packs are so popular. But what material is best for your printed pillow packs? Take a look at our rundown of the most common materials and their pros and cons!


Pillow boxes in Silk

Silk lamination is created when a light top layer is applied to the surface of a paper under heat and pressure. Silk offers a slight shine and a pleasant feel to it, as well as enhancing colours and lines, so making them seem somewhat bolder. A pillow box with silk lamination conveys a touch of luxury!

Pillow packs in Kraft

Kraft paper is fully recycled and fully recyclable – making it a great choice if you wish to convey your commitment to being green with your pillow pack packaging! What sets kraft paper apart is that, unlike other papers, it doesn’t go through a rigorous bleaching process, so it retains a natural browner hue. Ideal for pillow boxes large and small, to demonstrate your eco-friendly ethos!

Pillow box in Matt

Matt is a type of lamination that provides a subtle, elegant finish. Perfect for your pillow boxes to convey class, luxury and elegance. Due to its subdued nature, colours on matt boxes appear somewhat less bright than on its glossy counterpart – so if you are looking for a real ‘pop’ of colour, gloss may be the best for your printed pillow packs.

Pillow pack in Gloss

Gloss is a bright lamination that provides a shiny finish. Your printed pillow boxes will look glossy, bright and attractive, with bold colours. The only downside is that, due to the shiny nature of the laminate, scratches and fingerprints will show up easily.

Printed pillow packs in Recycled Uncoated

As it sounds! This paper is recycled already, and is uncoated so it can be recycled again. A great alternative to Kraft paper if you’re looking for an eco-friendly paper that remains the traditional paper white.

Create your own design using our pillow boxes templates here, or if you’d prefer, take advantage of our in house design service!

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