Design tips for creative pillow boxes

Pillow boxes are an ever-popular custom packaging option, ideal for helping companies of all sizes package their goods in an attractive and modern way. Named for their distinctive pillow shape, the pillow box can be created using an array of different materials to help create an impressive contemporary feel. Here are our top design tips for getting pillow boxes right…


Consider your branding

Companies should carefully consider how they want their brand to be perceived, and how this can be linked up to the creative use of their pillow box packaging. Every design element will ultimately lead back to the feeling which is to be evoked when customers see or receive their package. For a luxurious feel, aim for a luxe twist in every aspect from paper selection to pillow box printing– or for a budget-friendly yet practical packaging solution, go for plain pillow boxes which do the job without the added fuss.

Remember dimensions

Keep in mind the exact dimensions of the items which will be packaged in your pillow boxes, because you don’t want to end up with items rattling around in a box which is too large or being confined to a box which is too small! You might want to opt for a variety of different sizes when ordering, particularly if you sell a wide range of products which will be packaged in this way. Pillow box sizes range from the tiny to the very large, with plenty of custom sizing options along the way – so discuss this with your chosen outlet for more information on the options available.

Try a pattern

For extra distinctive pillow boxes, avoid block colours in favour of decorative patterns. This is sure to make any gift or item wrapped using this method stand out – and provides ample opportunity for your company to reinforce it’s branding. Alternatively, a bright (or dark) and unexpected pop of colour will be sure to make a similar impact, perfect for giving your products a little extra appeal and increasing the perceived ‘specialness’ of a gift.

Add adornments

If the box alone is not enough, remember that pillow boxes are great for adding extra flourishes such as bows and ribbons in keeping with your needs as a retailer. We offer wholesale options for customers who need a larger than usual order – so do get in touch to chat about how we can help you get the best from your pillow boxes.

Top tip! Once you’ve designed your pillow box using a handy template, you are welcome to send your pillow box packaging mockup to a member of our team to check!

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